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Guozhu Zhang successfully defends his PhD dissertation!

Guozhu Zhang successfully defended his doctoral (PhD) dissertation at the BRC

His dissertation is entitled "Analytical Tools for Characterizing Developmental Toxicity of Environmental Chemicals Using High-Throughput Screening in Zebrafish". 

Guozhu's committee members were David Reif (Chair), Denis Fourches (Chemistry), Carolyn Mattingly (Biological Sciences), John Godwin (Biological Sciences), and Jeff Yoder (Molecular Biomedical Sciences). 

Guozhu's graduate work resulted in 7 peer-reviewed publications, including 4 as first (primary) author. He worked in close collaboration with Robert Tanguay and Lisa Truong at Oregon State University, as well as Seth Kullman and Erin Kollitz at NC State. 

For his next endeavor, Guozhu will join Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. as a Senior Biostatistician.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhang!

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